Grey forest tree


Grey Forest Area Volunteer Fire Department (GFAVFD) was established in 1949.  Their first fire truck was housed in the garage at the Scenic Loop Playground Club.  Eventually, they built a two bay station at the corner of Scenic Loop Drive (now Sherwood Trail) and Scenic Loop Road.

When the City of Grey Forest incorporated in 1962 and needed a building for the City Hall, the fire department offered to share the building.  In 1999, Grey Forest AVFD was able to move into a home of its own, directly across the street from City Hall.

At one time, the Fire Department became a division of the City much like the Police Department.  It became independent of the City years later.

The response area that the department was assigned by the County in the early days was approximately 70 square miles.  As the population in this area grew, their response area was reduced with the addition of other volunteer fire departments surrounding the area.

Grey Forest AVFD has grown from a 3 member fire department to over 20 plus personnel working or volunteering at this time.

Many of the youth from this area who volunteered and started out as Jr. Members have gone on to paid positions in other fire departments, law enforcement, other emergency service providers and at the local colleges.

The department has always strived to serve our community in whatever capacity needed.  As our world changes, the department must also change with it.  The department looks forward to working on the upcoming changes.



October 1, 2015 was the official end of the Grey Forest Area Volunteer Fire Department.  Bexar County Emergency Services District No. 8 took over the responsibility of providing fire suppression and first responder services directly for the citizens of ESD No. 8.  Last year, an interlocal agreement between the District (ESD No. 8) and the City of Grey Forest was signed to provide first responder and fire suppression services since  GFAVFD no longer existed.  You can rest assured that there has been no drop in the superior service that everyone has come to expect from your fire department.

ESD No. 8 is a taxing entity that receives a steady revenue source from its citizens and can better provide for paid certified fire and first responder personnel.  The fire department no longer has to put fundraisers on or depend on donations to keep its doors open.

While the name has changed to the Bexar County ESD 8 Fire Rescue, and the bar of accountability has been raised to better serve our citizens, you can continue to expect first rate professional service.

Thank you for your support over the past decades and we look forward to continuing to earn your trust in the future!